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Hi everybody, I’m Tyson Adams. Well, actually Tyson is my middle name and ‘Adams’ is a tribute to Douglas Adams, the author who inspired me to spend my spare time writing as a child.

Regardless, this is my webpage and blog, specifically designed to entertain you, me and spambots. I’m a satirist, thriller, and crime thriller author with a penchant for fast-paced, witty writing. I’ve been writing since I was 9 years old, after a terrible accident involving a pen and my imagination. After a difficult angst-y poetry phase in my teens, I focussed on becoming a scientist and lead guitarist, before realising the voices in my head were telling me to write… amongst other things.

On this site, you will find regular short snippets of writing under Fun Articles. I have written and published several short stories linked under Shorts. My novel synopses can be found here. To follow me on social media, click any of the icons below, I love meeting other readers. I also like to review/promote books I’ve enjoyed. I have started to include some of my non-fiction writings, as I do a significant amount of science extension and skeptical answers, and have recently started a Mythtaken series related to topics I have researched for my stories.


You can also visit my Amazon page to see/purchase my short stories, including Hard Wood, included in Matt Hilton’s Action: Pulse Pounding Tales Vol 2.



11 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi,
    We found your blog through your comments on open mind (tamino)

    we come in peace looking for some arguments to our newly established site at warmingcheck.org! If any of you would be so kind to contribute to our common cause by giving a solid argument or two it would be great!

    We apologize if this is considered as spam, Tamino! We have few channels to access and this seems to be one of the most popular blogs out there, so we thought we might give it a go.


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    1. I don’t consider discussing science spam.

      Climate change and subsequent global warming from us digging up fossil fuels that have been stored for millions of years and releasing them as greenhouse gases, is probably the biggest issue humanity will ever face. Well, until the Vogons come to create and interstellar bypass at least.

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  2. Hi, there! I am writing from Guarda, Portugal. I spotted a very interesting picture on your site/blog I would like to use in a personal work of mine. Would it be subject to copyright? Was it created by you or anyone of the six hundred and so followers? Please drop me a line so that I might know (the picture I am referring to is the one about the Flying Spaghetti Monster with the inscription inspired by the X-Files: “I want to believe”. Thank you for your time. Best regards, Jorge Jesus.

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    1. Yeah, I read the comic series that the new movie is meant to be based upon in anticipation of snickety. If the comic is anything to go by, the movie should be awesome!


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