I’ve mentioned in my Bio that I’m a nerd scientist. This means I have a few scientific journal articles published and have presented papers at conferences. On occasion I have written articles for various webpages and decided to link them here. I’m not linking the journal papers, everyone knows that the fart gags are edited out.

ABC The Drum Opinion – How will farmers confront climate change?

The Conversation – Can Australian farmers take on the challenge of climate change?

Skeptic Stack Exchange:

Do fortune tellers know people’s past?

Will individuals respond differently to homeopathic remedies prepared with unboiled vs. boiled water?

Global warming and mild winters

Do long-time vegetarians lose the ability to digest meat?

Does performing an additional weightlifting set not increase progress by more than 5%?

Is GM corn toxic?

Cardio vs. weight lifting for weight loss

Can we grow enough crops to feed all people on Earth?

Is EPA-approved insecticide (clothianidin) responsible for killing off bees?

Is Donald Trump 6’3″ and 239lbs?

Do “probiotics” have health benefits?

Do wind turbines kill many birds each year?

My Tethered Cow Award for contributions to bacon.

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