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Cool book art

The down side of this great art is that the books are no longer readable.

slide_269077_1867790_free slide_269077_1867786_free slide_269077_1867780_free slide_269077_1867776_free httpwww.huffingtonpost.com20121211book-art-_n_2277652.html slide_269077_1868119_free slide_269077_1867816_free slide_269077_1867800_free slide_269077_1867796_free

Apparently the artist is Jodi Harvey-Brown and she has a couple of pages and will make book art for people. She has an Etsy page by the looks: http://io9.com/5966964/storybook-characters-burst-from-their-pages-with-these-incredible-paper-sculptures/

Also check out her Deviantart page for more great pictures of her paper sculptures: http://wetcanvas.deviantart.com/gallery/35952907/Book-Alterations


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4 thoughts on “Cool book art

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  2. Brandon on said:

    Do you happen to know where you can purchase this book art? Greatly appreciated!



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