Tyson Adams

Putting the 'ill' back in thriller



Tyson started writing after an unfortunate accident with an imagination and a pencil at a young age. Not being allowed to carry out black-ops operations, he instead writes thrilling stories. Tyson has a couple of science degrees, a couple of kids, a fur-kid and is a vocal proponent of renewable energies and quality whiskey.

Favorite Authors


Favorite Music

metal fan

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8 thoughts on “Bio

  1. Omit Stephen Leather and you have yourself a fantabulous list!


  2. Ronnie B on said:

    I’m enjoying the site today, I am curious if you have read Mark Z Danielewski’s books ‘House of Leaves’ and you thoughts on it. Happy holidays, Rb


    • Hi Ronnie, No I haven’t read anything by Mark. I just looked up House of Leaves and it does sound like the sort of literary book I might enjoy, although the idea of footnotes and non-conventional style (etc) might also annoy me. Thanks for the suggestion though, I’ll have to check a sample out.


  3. Love the bio dude.


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