Tyson started writing after an unfortunate accident with an imagination and a pencil at a young age. Not being allowed to carry out black-ops operations, he instead writes thrilling stories. Tyson has a couple of science degrees, a couple of kids, a fur-kid and is a vocal proponent of renewable energies and quality whiskey.

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metal fan

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8 thoughts on “Bio

      1. I’m really not. To be fair, I’ve only read “Midnight” but it felt as if it was extremely rushed. The beginning was excellent but then his writing skills seemed to decrease like he wasn’t putting in the effort anymore. I couldn’t bring myself to finish the book due to the way it was written!


  1. I’m enjoying the site today, I am curious if you have read Mark Z Danielewski’s books ‘House of Leaves’ and you thoughts on it. Happy holidays, Rb


    1. Hi Ronnie, No I haven’t read anything by Mark. I just looked up House of Leaves and it does sound like the sort of literary book I might enjoy, although the idea of footnotes and non-conventional style (etc) might also annoy me. Thanks for the suggestion though, I’ll have to check a sample out.


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