Book review: Judgement and Wrath – Matt Hilton

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For any avid reader there is an endless search on for another book that will entertain. If readers were to simply rely on recommendations from the usual sources we’d only ever read one book from each genre – regardless of how many books we actually read. Of course as a writer you are always on the lookout for another book to act as inspiration.

I took a chance on this book. There is a book sales van that delivers a select range of books to workplaces, taking the bookstore to the people too busy to go shopping, or so the theory goes. Every now-and-again the book van selection has something I would actually consider purchasing if I was ten years old. On even rarer occasions there is a book that actually looks interesting enough for me to buy. It was on one of these rare events that I stumbled across Judgement and Wrath.

I knew nothing of Matt Hilton when I bought this book. Happily upon finishing this book I am a firm fan. I have been rewarded with a really well written thriller that kept the pace up nicely. I literally plowed through the pages. It isn’t often that you get the chance to stumble upon an author completely by accident, usually someone recommends the author or a book.

If you like your thrillers then you will love this book.

2 thoughts on “Book review: Judgement and Wrath – Matt Hilton

  1. Not a problem Matt.As an aspiring writer I am of the opinion that I have a responsibility to promote the authors I like. You did the hard work writing a good book, the least I could do is tell people!Cheers, Tyson.


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