Do people in Australia ride kangaroos?



Yes and no.

Like most advanced countries, Australia has moved past antiquated methods of travel. Just as you don’t see horses and carts in major cities anymore, Aussies have moved away from riding kangaroos in much the same way. Let’s face it, kangaroos are smelly, need to eat lots of food, and are dangerous with a nasty kick – kinda like horses when you think about it. Cars really are much nicer to commute to work in.

But just like horses, there are diehard kangaroo riding enthusiasts who haven’t figured out that cars are so much better. As such there are riding schools, such as Alex Hayek’s Kangaroo Riding School, and clubs for people to learn to ride. Some children do prefer to ride kangaroos instead of bikes to school, but that is becoming less common with the advent of helicopter parents.


The sad thing about kangaroo riding is that it isn’t as popular as horse riding in Australia, despite kangaroos resulting in less deaths each year than horses. So it will be interesting to see if this proud tradition is continued in future generations.

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8 thoughts on “Do people in Australia ride kangaroos?

  1. Reblogged this on beyondtheflow and commented:
    Thank goodness my kids have never tried riding a kangaroo to school although I do know of local children riding an emu to school going back about 100 years. Their Dad brought it back from Up the Country from a shearing trip. Enjoy xx Rowena


      1. Thanks for putting me onto the Emu War. I hadn’t heard of that before and am working on a post. I lived in geraldton in WA for a bit and have been back and forth across the Nullarbor a few times so am familiar with the area and the attitudes out that way. Do you remember Wilson “Ironbar” Tuckey? He was our local MP while I was in Geraldton.


      2. Yeah, I’m in WA. And I remember Ironbar, and know how he got that nickname…. Great ambassador for WA….

        Looking forward to your Emu War post! I read about it as a response to a Quora question. As much as I’ve bagged Quora, it has value.


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