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Define Irony

Yes that is right! Someone has released an e-book on Kindle that is critical of Kindle’s. Why The Kindle Will Fail by Rick Munarriz

From the reviews it sounds like the book is a review of the Kindle that the author has decided to turn into an e-book. Given the book title, the format and where he is selling it, he clearly can’t be taken too seriously. Opinions have to come from an educated point of view; how can a point of view be educated with this much irony?

It reminds me of a lovely cartoon that I think sums up a lot of opinion based articles:


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2 thoughts on “Define Irony

  1. If no one buys a copy of his .99 book it will only support his argument! Oh, the humanity!


  2. Oh, now that's funny! I imagine he'll sell a few copies before it winds up becoming free and reviewers mock him in review.


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