Math Shouldn’t Be Taught In Schools

This of course follows on from earlier interviews about whether schools should teach evolution.

I’m glad that people get such a good education in this day and age. My text book on celestial orbits around the Earth – with calculations of how flat our Earth is – will no doubt be in curriculum’s world wide soon. It is entitled The Science of Flat Earth.


5 thoughts on “Math Shouldn’t Be Taught In Schools

  1. Tossing your laptop against a wall may not help with the computer's ability to post comments on my blog. Can't be certain though Emerson/Glex, I'm not a computer expert :DApril basically the first video is a parody of the second video. The second one is the Miss America contestants being asked if they think evolution should be taught in schools. Most are saying 'no, they don't believe in it', or that 'both sides of the creation/evolution argument should be taught'. Only three contestants thought evolution should be taught.The first video satirises this with comments like 'I don't believe in math', 'On the one hand you have math, on the other hand you have… not math' etc, etc.The growing anti-science movement is just laughable and the first video really captures it nicely. The science nerd in me got a kick out of it. Hope everyone else does as well.


  2. As a person living in the southern United States, I facepalmed as I watched the 2nd video. You have no idea how prevalent this mentality is down here. It would boggle your mind.According to Southerners, in every war, the US should turn every part of earth outside of the US into a "glass parking lot", any kind of science is actually opinion and not fact, and intellectuals are often tools of the devil.All that being said, it's a great place to live for a number of reasons. The cost of living is low, salaries are great, and people are nice and will help almost anyone. However, if you want that trend to continue, try not to talk about anything scientific. Also, nothing liberal. And certainly nothing about universal healthcare. Or President Obama. You know what? Just keep the sentences short, have Jesus as the subject, and compliment their BBQ, and you'll be aces in their book.


  3. Lol Rex.I was accused of being a communist and part of a conspiracy to ruin the world economy because I'm a scientist and "believe" in Climate Change. Get 100 scientists in a room and try to have them agree on anything, anything at all, and then tell me that climate change is a conspiracy! I've seen two scientists argue about how they agree with one another!


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