I’m a father now

That’s right, my son decided to schedule himself in over the weekend. James decided to arrive early but did so once we were both close to the hospital, didn’t have anything important on, and came out nice and quickly.

I’ll try to keep my regular posts going, but I can’t promise anything.

3 thoughts on “I’m a father now

    1. Thanks Judd. I appear to be a decent dad, although I can only claim some of the credit due to the lack of milk in my breasts. Young James is doing well so far, although he is a bit lax in his reading and guitar lessons.


      1. I found a way around that whole milk-breast thing. If you’re ever down in Perth, we’ll get a beer and I’ll show you.

        Also, “James” is my newest’s middle name. A fine one indeed. What’s his middle?


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