E-reader screens: better than a paperback.

Have you ever wanted to know more about your e-reader? This is an interview with the vice president of E Ink, Sriram Peruvemba. E Ink is the company that makes the displays for all the leading e-book readers worldwide.
I found this interview on e-reader displays very interesting. Did you know that:
  • E ink Pearl display panels are only 200 microns thick.
  • The newer Triton displays are half as thick as the Pearl displays.
  • E ink expects to sell between 25 and 30 million e-reader displays this year.
    • That’s up 10 million from last year and 3 million the year before that.
  • Current displays are 167 dpi and they are hoping to increase that to 300 dpi soon.
  • Current displays actually have better contrast than a paperback book!
    • Older displays were only better than newspaper.

In case you didn’t know, E Ink also makes screens for a bunch of other things besides e-readers. They have E Ink watches, advertising signs, secondary displays on cellphones, USB sticks, and they are even moving onto credit cards. Essentially anything up to a kilometre long, they can make it!

Better than paperback contrast! Imagine the future of these displays.

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