Tyson Adams

Putting the 'ill' back in thriller

People you shouldn’t annoy. Ever.

1) Crime writers.
Think of a gruesome way to die, a crime writer has not only thought about it, they have researched it, meticulously planned it, and could get away with it.

2) Thriller writers.
Think of a gruesome way to die, a thriller writer came up with it first and probably wants to try it out.

3) Big guys with nothing to lose.
They are big guys with nothing to lose, do the math.

4) A woman scorned.
Just ask any divorced man. Just ask John Wayne Bobbit.

5) Waiters.
Especially if you order the creme of chicken soup.

6) Police.
They were sick of your shit before you started mouthing off.

7) People with large collections of knives and/or guns.
Do you really want to take your chances?


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2 thoughts on “People you shouldn’t annoy. Ever.

  1. Love the video. What a riot. As for that last one, I have five Walthers and a Taurus ranging from .22 LR to .45 ACP. Does that make for a large collection? ;o)


  2. Five guns seems to be a lot more than my no guns Doug. I definitely wouldn't be messing with you.


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