I have fond memories of school. I fondly remember coming home from it each day. I remember English class: ‘I want to write a story about robot spies.’ ‘Well you can’t, we’re writing about the Eureka Stockade.’ Ahh, good times.

So today’s blog is about how schools are designed and operated.

If anyone has any idea how they are actually designed and operated I believe there is a highly underpaid position available for you to take up to improve the situation. Sir Ken Robinson presents an interesting polemic in the video below, essentially saying that creativity is beaten out of kids in order to make it easier to manage them in a class. What are your experiences?

The only part I wholly disagree with is the bit about multitasking. The research on that is fundamentally flawed. That research has usually compared people who multitask all of the time with people who don’t at all. I.e. they compared pot addicted college students who needed the study participation fee to buy beer with people who actually did stuff; usually housewives.

Real multitasking is largely a myth. You can do several tasks at once but you will do them all poorly in comparison to focussing on them one at a time.

So did you have your creativity killed off by going to school like I did?

3 thoughts on “Sir Ken Robinson – Do schools kill creativity?

  1. Same here Werner. When I first watched it and read some interviews with him I related to a lot of what he was saying. I always felt like I was managed at school: too bored to be challenged, not interacted with enough to keep me learning. Basically I was done in by my own intellect and the teachers were happy to just let me slide.As I mention on my bio page, the only teacher who ever encouraged me was Mr Melhuish. He had me writing my stories when I was bored and waiting for the class to catch up, my grades were great as a result.


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