Book Review: The Killer by Matz

The Killer, Volume 1The Killer, Volume 1 by Matz
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I bought this graphic novel on a whim. It popped up in my recommendations, the artwork caught my eye, it was on sale; you know, the usual impulse buy. But this French story is very interesting and engaging, much more than an impulse: a great read.

The premise is pretty standard: contract killer is hung out to dry on that last job. I’m sure there is a book of cliches out there for writers, if someone could send me the title so I could buy it, I’d much appreciate it. Anyway, it is Matz’ take on the character and story that works wonders. It is also Luc Jacamon’s artwork, capturing the details and inner workings of the protagonist. We get to see inside the mind of a hitman. There is also nudity, so, you know, bonus.

Volume 2 builds on from this edition nicely. It evolves, it progresses to a higher level that belies its first pages in Volume 1. I don’t want to spoil things, I mean, who didn’t figure out that Bruce Willis was actually a ghost, aside from the entire theater who threw everything bar the chairs at me? By not spoiling things I won’t be mentioning the protagonist’s growth from being a loner hitman to having friends.

If you like noir graphic novels, then this series is worth a read. Apparently they are making a film of this with David Fincher directing, so worth seeing before Hollywood ruins another book (ahem, ahem).

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