Punisher fan film: Dirty Laundry

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a fan of The Punisher. I hadn’t actually read many of the comics until last year and the reason I started was I wanted to make sure I wasn’t treading the same old vigilante ground as a genre defining anti-hero like The Punisher with my own work. Not only was I highly entertained by the Garth Ennis runs of The Punisher and the Punisher Max series, but I can now avoid treading on The Punisher’s territory; something no-one should do!

The problem with The Punisher has been the three terrible movies that have been made. The first starred Dolph Lundgren, enough said. The second starred Thomas Jane and just didn’t work; I blame Travolta and studio cheesiness. The third film starred Ray Stevenson and had all the right elements but managed to mess it up. Now we have a fan film starring Thomas Jane that bleeds awesome!

I for one would love to see a Punisher film that hits the mark. Either Jane or Stevenson would be suitable and clearly Jane is interested in reprising the role. So Hollywood: can you not mess it up this time?

6 thoughts on “Punisher fan film: Dirty Laundry

  1. 1) this was awesome 2) I was just about to ask if you’ve read the Ennis Punisher, but you’re covered on that front. Such an awesome read. In my top 5 for sure. 3) I had a punisher shirt, but wore it into oblivion


    1. Ennis is THE Punisher author for me. When I was reading the Max series it was actually obvious when he stopped writing. He changed artists several times, but his writing was always stronger.

      I reckon half the reason the Thomas Jane movie sucked is that they only had one scene from Ennis’ writing. No coincidence that it was the best scene (the fight in the apartment).


  2. Watched this video at Uni. I had people looking very concerned as to what i was watching…. Yes it is a very wicked video there. I liked the movie but it could of been done better like the new spiderman.


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