Running the Cross by Tyson Adams

My short story, Running the Cross, appears on Thrills, Kills ‘n’ Chaos. Have a read and then check out some of the other brilliant short stories there. They’ve just had a special Halloween week for all the horror fans.

Running the Cross is also available in a longer format from Amazon if your bookmark button is playing up.


It’s called “Running the Cross”, or simply “The Cross”. It is dangerous.

I’ve been here before. It’s a small town in South Australia where twelve rail lines merge, an east-west alignment of freight trains travelling from various states. Once every few months, the timetables align and twelve trains converge in a slightly staggered pattern. For the few that are fast enough, strong enough, determined enough, or just plain crazy enough, this is the place to test your mettle. No-one will stop you, except the trains.

The Cross had gained a level of notoriety in running circles, even attracting some big-name Olympic athletes to the dusty town. I’m not an Olympian, but I share a place with those who have completed The Cross.

One Olympic aspirant had made the town, and Running the Cross, infamous on a sunny afternoon one July. There are two paths you can choose: the first is…

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