This is an interesting short video featuring Suzy Jackson, voice artist, recording an audiobook at Audible Studios.

Joanna Penn has also interviewed a number of people on her podcast about audiobooks, which are worth listening to.

I’m quite the fan of audiobooks. Being able to read a book while I’m exercising or commuting has been a life changer for me. There is something about having headphones in that stops people interrupting you to ask what you’re reading. Sorry, not stops, but certainly lowers the number of interruptions.

4 thoughts on “How Audiobooks Are Recorded

    1. Self pub doesn’t currently interest me. The self pub audiobooks I’ve read have varied so much in quality. One literally had the narrator’s finger clicks they used for editing takes still in it.

      But still better than most podcasts.

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  1. This is really enlightening! I’ve heard a few narrators before, and although this this one is unfamiliar to me, she reminded me of Tavia Gilbert. I hope to one day have audiobook versions available for my fiction. 😊

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