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Book to Movie: All You Need Is Kill – What’s the Difference?


This month Cinefix’s What’s the Difference? tackles the underappreciated Edge of Tomorrow, and it’s source material, All You Need Is Kill. I’d so watch a film called All You Need Is Kill, even if it did have Tom Cruise in it.

Unfortunately I haven’t read the Manga, which appears to have some differences between it and the novel. I read the light novel of All You Need Is Kill before watching the movie. Whilst there are major similarities between the two, they are quite different. Edge of Tomorrow flirts with comedy, while anything with the title All You Need Is Kill is clearly going to have a darker tone. A film starring Tom Cruise is always going to have a Hollywood glamour to it that a novel can dispense with.

The biggest difference between the two is the ending. I said in my review of the film that they should have stuck with the book’s ending. The way the movie ended was the equivalent of “it was all a dream”, whilst the book ending had consequence and substance. Admittedly, watching Tom Cruise kill Emily Blunt would have had audiences outraged (#TeamBlunt) but I’m sure they could have deus ex machina-d something better than what was served up.

Interestingly, Hiroshi is writing a Manga sequel and they’ve announced a movie sequel. I wonder how similar those two will be?


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4 thoughts on “Book to Movie: All You Need Is Kill – What’s the Difference?

  1. I didn’t like the ending of the light novel, so I was pretty happy with the movie. It’s one of those movies that I keep on thinking “I should buy this sometime”

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    • You didn’t like the way she turned on him, or the way they had to fight to the death, or something else?

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      • I didn’t understand why she turned. She seemed like the kind of person to kill herself first before becoming what she did.
        My memories are from ’12, so things are a bit fuzzy.

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      • I saw it as she had figured out what needed to happen and was going about finding the “worthy warrior” to go forward. They still had a war to win after all. It also echoes some of Sun Tzu’s writings which have had a big influence on the Japanese military – which is how the US were originally exposed to Tzu.

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