Who will portray Jack Reacher?

That’s right, Jack Reacher will be coming to a cinema near you in the adaptation of Lee Child’s One Shot. The film about the big guy with the strong moral compass and the even stronger right hook is all set, with a director, a start date, a script and of course the star: Tom Cruise.

Tom Cruise has agreed to play Reacher in Paramount’s ONE SHOT; filming in Pittsburgh begins on September 27, 2011, which is the same day that Reacher novel #16 THE AFFAIR goes on sale in the US and Canada (Sept 29th is the UK, AU, NZ sale date).

Screenplay is by Christopher McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects, Valkyrie) who will also direct.  The screenplay, from all reports, is truly kick-ass.  The rest of the actors have yet to be cast but we’re hearing rumors that are pretty exciting. Source.

Yes you have read that correctly. Tom Cruise will play Jack Reacher.

Lee is of course in full support of Tom Cruise playing Jack Reacher:

Reacher’s size in the books is a metaphor for an unstoppable force, which Cruise portrays in his own way – Lee Child.

I can’t blame Lee, it isn’t like anyone will complain the movie is better than the book, and he will get paid regardless. Worst case for him is that they make a fantastic movie that generates him millions more fans. So there are three ways this will run: either Tom Cruise will completely own the role and make the fans of the Reacher books forget the 30 centimetre difference in height; or the casting director will cast munchkins in the supporting roles; or the Reacher fans will wish someone else was cast.

Lets go through some of the potential Reachers who have been raised on the interwebz, because despite the decision having already been made there is nothing like documenting the “I told you so” statements for future reference. Of course I’ll delete this post if Cruise pwns all.

Tom Cruise:

Advantages: Box office draw card, his production company bought the film rights, Cruise really needs to look manly in films, has a track history of appearing in good films.
Disadvantages: Short, too pretty, will have to shout at some point in the film regardless of the need to, despite appearing in good films he wasn’t the reason for them being good (Jack Nicolson, A Few Good Men; Dustin Hoffman, Rainman; Cub Gooding Jr, Jerry Maguire; etc).

Tahmoh Penikett:

Advantages: Tall, burly, manly, not too good looking, good looking enough to sell the film, good actor, could actually win a real fight (muay thai fighter), my choice for the role.
Disadvantages: Only had TV roles in shows no-one watched, what the hell do I know about making films.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan:

Advantages: Tallish, manly, chicks love him since he was on Grey’s Anatomy.
Disadvantages: Is he the only manly American actor? Can’t we find someone else?

Ben Affleck:

Advantages: Tall, appeared in other blockbusters.
Disadvantages: Budget blowouts would occur due to acting class costs.

Christian Bale:

Advantages: Not short, has appeared in every other film in the last few years, could actually get aggressive and violent.
Disadvantages: I think it would be good to cast Bale in every film, never a down side to that.

Liam Neeson:

Advantages: The right height, has done action films, can act, has been in a Dirty Harry film.
Disadvantages: He appeared in Star Wars The Phantom Menace, appeared in the worst Star Wars film, co-starred with the worst character ever portrayed on film, didn’t shoot his agent for letting him be involved in The Phantom Menace.

I guess we can only dream. Either way, I’ll be seeing One Shot on the opening weekend.

14 thoughts on “Who will portray Jack Reacher?

  1. Well, it makes sense. Really. When you think about it, that is.Jack Reacher is 6' 5", and Tom Cruise is 5' 6". This casting was just a simple case of transposing the numbers . . . a casting "typo," if you will.Okay, I exaggerated a little, but not by much. Tom Cruise is just a tad over 5' 7". I'm not a Jack Reacher fan, but this was a horrible, horrible decision based upon box office draw rather than the requirements of the character.


  2. When the movie comes out, can I get a pair of special glasses that will make Tom Cruise six and a half feet tall and look like Jeffrey Dean Morgan? Maybe I'll just take a cut-out of Morgan and keep referring to it.


  3. JR: may I suggest a cosy couch, reading lamp and a weeks worth of Lee Child's books. You won't regret it.Doug: A typo makes sense. Or maybe they are planning a LOTR style camera effect to make everyone else look little next to Cruise.MR: There is a cheaper option. Take one case of bottled beer to the cinema. Consume the beer during the previews. Then when the movie starts view it by staring through the beer bottles like a pair of binoculars.


  4. Filming in Pittsburgh, you say? Good choice.For the record, I don't think you're allowed to turn down a chance to star in Star Wars, regardless of how horrible it is or your CGI supporting actors are.


  5. I'm pretty sure you can't be forgiven for even being associated with the Phantom Menace. I'll have to check with a Supreme Court Judge for a legal ruling, but the only two actors who survived the Phantom Menace were Samuel L Jackson – because he is Samuel L "Mutha Fuckin" Jackson – and Natalie Portman – because she is hot.


  6. It's the shouting isn't it? He's had his teeth fixed so he doesn't have the snaggle tooth look, but he always shouts rather than acting angry or surprised or whatever emotion.


  7. Honestly, I think she's still just freaked out over the Oprah-couch thing. And the Matt Lauer incident. And the…Believe me, there's a list, and she doesn't let go of it easily.


  8. He does have a long list of strikes against him. I don't think we should forget that Tom Cruise is nuts. Scientology seems to do that to people.On the plus side he can cure himself of all diseases at level 7.


  9. For Reacher fans, this flashback novel on Reacher's last days in the Army is historically interesting because it fills gaps in his resume. It provides a different reason for why he left the Army than given in earlier novels. It also shows how Reacher's "no suitcase, will travel" ethos got started. Unfortunately, the novel is marred by excessive violence than exceeds the violence of any previous Reacher book and the aftermath is simply not credible. It's been a long series and Childs has done a good job in keeping the quality level up, but we may look at this novel as the beginning of a marked decline in the series.


  10. Brasil, I assume you are talking about the new book rather than the movie. I've actually really enjoyed the last two Reacher novels. I've only just started the new one and so far I'm enjoying it too.I think Reacher has become a bit more Superman than he used to be, that's the main change I've noticed as the series has gone on.


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