4 thoughts on “Save Books Now

  1. I'm similar. We are in regional Australia, so we don't get much TV choice. What TV we do get isn't aimed at us (two postgrad nerds who like reading) so we find our own media (Justified, Leverage, The Wire, Luther, anything by Joss Whedon).Writing, reading, blogging; much better than watching most of the crap on TV.


  2. Yeah. I've found that I really only care to watch the Daily Show and The Colbert Report anymore, and even at that I'm not heartbroken if I miss a few. I get a lot more done these days because of it.Unfortunately, we do get BBC America now, and I don't think I'll be satisfied until I see the entire backlog of Top Gear. Good god is that show funny.


  3. Top Gear really hit its stride in the second and third seasons and went on to greatness. More recently they feel like they are reaching for stuff to do. But then they'll pull out a gem like crossing the English Channel in the Toybota Hilux, after proving it was indestructible and could be driven to the north pole.


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