RIP Steve Jobs


I was saddened to learn of Steve’s death today. He has brought us so many products with a small “i” in front of them that I think he has reached into many people’s daily lives and made them that little bit better.

Personally I’d like to thank him for bringing us the iPod and the associated store. It took Steve and Apple’s vision to give consumers what they had been hungry for in the music industry: an mp3 store and a music player to play them with. It is safe to say he did what all the other industry players were either too scared or too recalcitrant to do.

I love the iPod.

Condolences to his family and friends. I hope Apple continues with Steve’s legacy and continues to bring us innovative and useful “i” products.

Yeah, it’s tasteless, but somehow touching.

4 thoughts on “RIP Steve Jobs

  1. Tasteless, but funny. He was a great visionary who will be sorely missed.Indeed, I heard the iPhone 5 will be named in his honor: The iDied.Sorry. Couldn't resist. We former air traffic controllers cultivate sick senses of humor.


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