E-Readers Are Cool

That’s right, E-readers were the gift of gifts this holidays. Now the Pew Institute have crunched the numbers to look at who was buying them and how this has changed over time. Report here.

The researchers performed phone interviews with 2,986 people and asked them, “Are you cool enough to own the greatest gadget since Maxwell Smart’s shoe phone?” With an error rate of 2.2%, the results were as follows:

  • E-readers and tablets were owned by 10% of people in December 2011.
    • This was 19% in January 2012.
  • The proportion of people owning at least one of these two increased from 18% to 29%.
  • Tablet owners are likely to be under 50 years old and have graduated college.
    • They are also likely to make enough money to buy lots of apps and books.
  • E-readers are more popular with women and the 30-49 age group.
    • E-readers are still pretty popular with anyone under 65.
  • College graduates and rich folks also love E-readers.
  • You should own an E-reader.

I have my E-reader, the new Kindle. I still love my pile of dead tree books, but I also love my Kindle.

My Kindle and a DTB

2 thoughts on “E-Readers Are Cool

  1. That is true. They would think they were talking to someone holding a shoe to their ear and think 'Missed it by this much.'In the link I provided you can read the methods on the second page of the report site. They actually surveyed generally then targeted once they reached a certain number. The response rate was typical of what you would expect for a phone survey at something like 10% (from memory). Surveys are always biased by sampling procedure, which is why you then take the data to ground-truth against known figures. Pew had access to some other data to confirm the tenants of their findings.Not that I disagree with the idea that the survey is likely to have confounding, just that we have to accept some level of confounding.


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