Proof of equality

I was having a chat with a friend the other night and came to a startling realisation: I’m mid-thirties. During our chat he mentioned that he had hit the gym again after a recent breakup.

Wait, what?

That’s right. It is a growing phenomenon that men now feel the need to hit the gym after a relationship breakup. It used to be that upon breaking up, the men would buy a bigger TV, a games console, and move the couch in front of the TV. Women, on the other hand, would go out and have a make over, waxing, tweezing and go all Felicity with their hair.

Oh how the tables have turned. Now men have image issues as well. Woman wanted equality, well, they just got it.*

*Except for all of those other points of equality, like equal pay.

3 thoughts on “Proof of equality

  1. I quite literally laughed out loud at the photo. So true!
    The only disparity is that women like to get fit BEFORE they go to the gym. I don’t understand that mentality though!


    1. Yeah, men only really see the need to have big guns. Guys like me, that lift weights regularly, are not the norm. Women give up getting fit once they have kids, usually.


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