This month in CineFix’s series What’s the Difference? they cover Oldboy. Live octopus not included.

Not having read the Manga, I don’t really have much to add to the above video. The film is amazing. It redefined “off-the-wall” and managed to make it compelling watching.

Let’s not talk about the Spike Lee remake. Because it wasn’t very good. Although, because it is an American adaptation of a South Korean adaptation of a Japanese work, it can be interesting in an intercultural sense. This article is very interesting in that regard.

2 thoughts on “Book vs Movie: Oldboy – What’s the Difference?

    1. From what I’ve read, Spike wasn’t to blame. Apparently his vision and the studio’s were quite different and he was overridden.

      That said, Spike tends to be hit and miss. He’ll do something pretty good, even great, but then he’ll make She Hate Me. He does tend to do more good than bad films.

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