4 thoughts on “First Coffee of the Day

    1. I’m a tea person myself. I had one of those preworkout drinks for a while – you know, the ones that are basically powdered caffeine and meth – and haven’t gone near energy drinks as a result. The jittery shakes and aching teeth from jaw clenching is a bit much.

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      1. Lightweight 😉

        The only tea that I’ve had, and enjoyed, is chai. I suspect a lot of that is because of how sweet it is though. I grew up in a caffeine free house though, so that might explain some things too.

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      2. I’m a black tea drinker. The fancy stuff doesn’t do it for me.

        Interestingly, teabags used to be the scraps and you had to buy leaf tea to make a decent cuppa. Now, the rise of teabags has seen that flip.

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