Do you have trouble visualising where the various fields of science and maths sit?

Would you like to visualise all the fields in relation to one another?

It’s just me?


It’s a lonely life being a science nerd.

But I’m still going to share this really cool series of infographics that come from Dominic Walliman. He developed them as part of his Youtube science channel.

Check out the videos related to the infographics below!






Dominic Walliman: YouTube | Flickr


2 thoughts on “Science fields mapped with infographics

    1. Most of the others it is a fade out at the edges. Physics there is a big gap joining fields despite some understanding of those fields. The others, it’s more about the boundaries.

      Like evolutionary biology, we’ve got a good overview, we’ve got a fairly good infill (that still needs work), but the beginnings are still vague. So that’s a fade at the edge.


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